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Aranka - Lollipop doll

Aranka - Lollipop doll

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Handmade doll Aranka will be a great friend of every little girl. She is ready for all the adventures of travelling together, wandering life is in her blood. She is admirably lively, knows how to have festivity, sing and dance. She won't spoil any fun. She respects family ties so she will always help and stand by her little girl. As her family means everything to her.
Then in her kids room, snuggled up in her boho style cushions, she will listen with interest to heroic stories, fairy tales, fables and myths. It is in this way that her ancestors have passed on experience and wisdom for generations.

You can choose Aranka doll in black and red combination or in soft grey. She is wearing a silk-screened rose pattern with a touch of romance. As a nomadic people, the Gypsy could not invest their wealth in real estate, so they stored it in gold. And so Aranka has large earrings.
Aranka is always nicely groomed and carefully dressed. You can buy many more dresses and skirts for her here.


Aranka doll is packed in a gift box. On the enclosed card she will present herself to you in traditional Romani. But most importantly, according to the Romani proverb "No words are needed for a Gypsy to know what the other wants to say", she will welcome you with her wide smile.

Ethno Collection fabric dolls respect the diversity of ethnicities and genders, expanding knowledge and understanding of other cultures and values. They capture the diversity and difference of traditions, but at the same time promote their cohesion and do not admit any superiority.

For children from: 0 years
Height of doll: approx. 35 cm
Body circumference: approx. 15 cm
Weight: approx. 170 g
Package dimensions: 33 x 23 x 7 cm


Material used: The upper fabric is made of 100% cotton made in the Czech Republic and is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber.


Maintenance: Wash by hand at 30 ° C, let freely dry, do not iron and do not tumble dry.
All materials used are certified for children 0-3 years

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