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Black leather fringes necklace by Paparesta

Black leather fringes necklace by Paparesta

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Black calfskin fringed necklace.

Brass necklace and beads

Fringe length: 48 cm decreasing towards the outside.


Hand Made in Italy
What a craftsman can do, no industry can do for you

All Paparesta leather designs are made with leathers from companies in the Tuscan-Emilian area, from the warehouse stocks and processing waste, they are sustainable items that help the environment


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  • About Paparesta Accessories

    In the culture of fast fashion, of standardization, of the possession of an object as a totem of a social status, Ilaria Paparesta likes to make her customers feel original, with unique handcrafted accessories , referring to the history of costume and the birth of haute couture.

    Paparesta's company has been sensitive to the ecological issue and to the reduction of waste since its inception, making its own the philosophy of change of Heraclitus, based on eternal change as a search for oneself.

    Ilaria Paparesta's Mission:

    Everyday objects and materials like vintage buttons, pencils and leather come to life a second time, becoming accessories for women who want to stand out, who aren't afraid to dare, who want to have fun with what they wear.

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