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COLUMN Earrings made of Jesmonite - Black

COLUMN Earrings made of Jesmonite - Black

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Designed as a unique piece of wearable sculpture, the COLUMN concrete necklace is inspired by Le Corbusier’s iconic architecture. Light, strong, and water-resistant, the pendant weighs only 14.6 grams.

Featuring a characteristic contrast between the smooth surface of the pendant and its rough edge, this necklace is a classic with a twist. It’s a great choice for an understated style affirmation.

Designed in Berlin, Germany
Handmade and original
Strong and water-resistant
Lightweight for maximum comfort
Ecological material, water-based and free of solvents
Pendant made of Jesmonite
Snake chain made of stainless steel that feels smooth and flexible


Care instructions: clean with soap and water

Each piece is unique. The artistic look of the creation is achieved through a particular handcrafting process. Any imperfections are to be considered a feature, not a flaw. 

The packaging is designed to minimise waste, and its components are reusable or recyclable.

  • Urban Olive Design Berlin

    URBAN OLIVE DESIGN is an independent and experimental art jewelry project that was started in 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

    Designer Chiara Vignudelli and artist Giulio Giustini brought their professional and artistic experiences together for their mission to challenge conventions and bring art into people’s everyday lives. Their original designs proved to be inspiring and meaningful for hundreds of customers, and they attracted buyers’ and experts’ attention internationally, from New York to Italy.

    Innovation and the research of forms and materials meet exacting quality standards in every handmade piece of the URBAN OLIVE DESIGN collection, resulting in an evocative and unique experience for the wearers. Light, minimalist and contemporary, every artwork has a distinctive urban flair while still assuring comfort and wearability.

    All the creations are handmade by Chiara and Giulio in the URBAN OLIVE DESIGN Studio in Berlin; they nurture each piece from ideation to execution.

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