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Coral Vase 50 Tulips by Norman Trapman - Pols Potten

Coral Vase 50 Tulips by Norman Trapman - Pols Potten

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Coral vase from Pols Potten, designed by Norman Trapman.

A wonderful interior feature for the home, wherever you position it.

a delightfully innovative and quirky Coral Vase 50 Tulips that inspired by nature is sure to further inspire your modern interior. Clearly inspired by nature, the vase can hold 50 flowers. Use for tall bright coloured flowers to truly allow a pop of style in any room of your home or simply use to decorate the living room or kitchen space.


  • Material: Glazed porcelain
  • Dimensions: Ø40 x H60 cm


Norman Trapman
He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art & Design in Den Bosch in 1974. Norman and studio pp go back for years and over the course of time they developed numerous successful products. Most famous design is probably the series of coral shaped vases. Norman has one design philosophy, he doesn’t like boundaries!

Delivery 3 weeks after the order
  • Pols Potten

    It all started out there, on the road, experiencing what the world had to offer - creativity in its purest form. Ever since then, the spirit of forward motion has been ingrained in what we do: Worldly in expression, daring in construction, and at no time bothered by conventions. Our creations take interiors to unexpected places, bring them to life, and make them play.

    We dedicate ourselves to the ethos of play. We explore with enthusiasm, design with humour, and create with the curiosity of a lifelong learner, and most importantly, we respect and nurture our greatest asset - our creative instinct. Our best play is yet to come, and when it does, it will come from within.

    While following the game of adulting with rules written by someone else, ironically some might forget the magic of play. Play is essential for human development - it gives rise to imagination and fuels creativity.

    We're here to Add Play To Space — playfulness is our higher purpose, and it's something that we strive for both in our products and our personal lives. And at the same time, we acknowledge that we also need to have as little impact on the environment as possible. 

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