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Monkey Teak/Limba - Small

Monkey Teak/Limba - Small

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Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Kay Bojesen's Monkey was born in 1951. A little Monkey with the great personality which has come to signify a gift from a very special person. For christenings, birthdays, school leavers and weddings.

A classic and a dear friend for life – from being a popular toy in the playroom to a much-loved design icon in a future home


Material: Oiled teak, oiled limba


Height 18.50 cm

Width 19.50 cm

Depth 6.50 cm


The wooden monkey from Kay Bojesen with its mischievous face and light-coloured belly has been transforming children's rooms into jungles and inspiring dreams since 1951. The excellent workmanship and the high-quality wood of the little monkey provide play fun for generations.

The wooden monkey is part of a collection of wooden animals that the designer Kay Bojesen created between 1935 and 1957

Not only in children's rooms, but also on shelves and in offices, the wooden animals from Kay Bojesen are now sought-after collector's items that are passed on from one generation to the next.


The monkeys come in 4 sizes - mini, small, medium and large.


If the item not in stock please contact us, we will happily order one of those unique much loved animals for you. Delivery time - up to 3 weeks.