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Masters-on-wood, The endangered Swan, Asselijn

Masters-on-wood, The endangered Swan, Asselijn

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Reproduction on wood: This reproduction is indistinguishable from a real painting.

A beautiful reproduction with a high-gloss finish that subtly continues over the edges.

With mounting eye at the back



Made in Netherlands

Each work on wood is unique

Hand made


  • Jan Asselijn

    To date, it is not entirely clear where the famous painter Jan Asselijn was born. Dieppe, Utrecht and Cologne are all mentioned. It is estimated that Jan Asselijn lived in Amsterdam from 1621 onwards, where he was a pupil of Jan Martszen the Younger or Esaias van de Velde. The earliest known work by Asselijn dates from 1634. Asselijn left for Italy, where he lived in Rome from about 1635 to 1644. Here he became a member of the Bentvueghels, an association of mainly Dutch and Flemish artists. They nicknamed him 'Crabbetje' because of his crooked fingers, which made it difficult for him to hold a palette.

    Between 1644 and 1645, Jan Asselijn lived in the French city of Lyon, where he married Antonette Huwaart. Jan Asselijn returned to Amsterdam in April and July 1647, where a year later he had a child baptised in the Nieuwe Kerk. In Amsterdam, he taught Frederik de Moucheron and came into contact with Rembrandt van Rijn. Jan Asselijn painted the breach in the Sint Antoniesdijk in March 1651. He drew up his will on 28 September and died a few days later on 1 October 1652.

    Among the works by Jan Asselijn, an Italianate, are genre paintings, landscapes and animals. The endangered swan is undoubtedly his most famous painting and has been in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for more than two centuries.


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