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Message in a Bottle  - Flowers

Message in a Bottle - Flowers

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"Give a light with Messagelights!"
Messagelights are PET bottles with a cork and a wire, which have 6 LED lights on them. (incl 3 button cell batteries)
On the threads are handmade felt figures, with different themes. The light of the lamps shines attractively through the felt figures.
A small gift to literally put someone in the light, to brighten up, comfort, congratulate someone, out of love, as a Christmas card, or just because. So a light message in a bottle.
The bottles are in a kraft packaging. There is an address sticker on the back, on which a personal message can be written.
Length 8 cm

Width 3 cm

Height 16 cm

Weight 100 grams

Handmade in Netherlands

Can be sent by letterbox post! Very nice to receive and give!

  • Messagelights

  • Messagelights

    Messagelights are handmade mood lamps in a PET bottle (15x8x3 cm) for a personal message to someone. All bottles are filled with handmade felt figures. These figures are attached to a cork on the bottle, to which a wire with 6 lights are attached.
    The light shines attractively through the felt figures .

    Messagelights are hand made in Netherlands.

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