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My Superhero Blue Large Vase by Jasmin Djerzic

My Superhero Blue Large Vase by Jasmin Djerzic

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Are you currently experiencing superpowers or could you use the help of a superhero?

With the original My Superhero vase® by Jasmin Djerzic you have a real eye-catcher for your interior. In addition to a special and sturdy piece of decor that symbolizes strength, your flower experience will never be the same again. Completely handmade from ceramics.

The vase is available in various special color finishes.

Jasmin Djerzic has designed his own delft blue for a contemporary addition to your interior. The vase is available in various colours, finishes and sizes.

Everyone wants a superhero in their house!


Width    15 cm
Height    31 cm


Made in Holland in Jasmin Dzerzic studio

Delivery 3 weeks after the order
  • Jasmin Djerzic

    Jasmin Djerzic is a young Bosnian designer who wants to bring playfulness back into the lives of adults with his designs.

    Jasmin Djerzic (1983) born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia, fled to the Netherlands in 1992. His successful graduation from the Art Academy in Breda in 2011 was the start of Jasmin Djerzic Designs.

    In his studio in Breda, Jasmin mainly works with ceramics and color. He is inspired by toys for his designs and questions the valuation we assign to objects.

    His collection of home accessories form a surprising combination of a playful experience and functionality, which evoke amazement.

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