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Natural Reed Defuser 50 ml Wild Fig / Grape

Natural Reed Defuser 50 ml Wild Fig / Grape

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Rattan sticks that you place in a bottle with 100% vegetable oil and 5% high-quality aromatic oil, giving them a wonderful scent.

The plastic stopper is best removed with a coin or screwdriver. Then insert the rattan sticks into the oil-filled bottle. After a few hours, the sticks are engorged and begin to emit a light fragrance. The intensity of the fragrance depends on the size of the room. By turning the sticks regularly, they continue to emit a constant scent. It takes about 2 to 3 months for the oil to evaporate through the sticks; this may take longer or shorter depending on the humidity of the room.


Made in Netherlands


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  • Yours Naturally

    Yours Naturally sells vegan scented candles and scented sticks and a small range of care products based on natural ingredients. The scented candles are made from soy and rapeseed oil and the fragrance sticks from vegetable and 5% aromatic oils.

    The care products are based on shea butter, coconut and sunflower oil, sugar and salt. The various scents vary from fresh and spicy to floral and sweet. Yours Naturally products are paraben, GMO and animal testing free and the packaging is made from recycled glass and cardboard.

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