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OCTAEVO 'Janus Warrior' Art Print

OCTAEVO 'Janus Warrior' Art Print

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This collection of luxurious offset prints take their inspiration from Mediterranean gods, architecture and movies.

The prints explore the shapes made by light, shadow, texture and colour to create a series of bright statement pieces for your home. Printed on heavyweight paper and embellished with gold foil. Sold unframed, rolled in acid free tissue paper and packaged in an elegant cardboard tube.


Size: 50 x 70 cm
Material: 150 gsm, bright white mat paper 
Print: Offset
Embellishment: Large gold foiled area and marked with the OCTAEVO sun crest
Packaging: Luxury tube adorned with gold foil 

  • Octaevo

    Their philosophy is essentially poetic. Inspired by their travels around the Mediterranean, they design thoughtful everyday objects that resonate with their soul. They believe in true originality, in timeless style as a reflection of personality and in details that make the difference. Each piece is made to be held close, designed to inspire and to bring joy - and joy that’s shared is joy made double.

    Their intent is to create hand crafted products to be enjoyed for a lifetime by virtue of their aesthetic, carefully selected materials and functional qualities. They work exclusively with suppliers who share their utmost commitment to people and our environment, actively pursuing sustainable practices and responsible sourcing - for a brighter future for all.

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