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Postcard Birthday STAR WARS

Postcard Birthday STAR WARS

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CHRISTMAS CARD STAR WARS BIRTHDAY is suitable for everyone who loves Star Wars.

This Birthday monster is certainly welcome by everyone. Also stylish to enrich your interior. 

Of course suitable to send to all your friends, swap buddies, pen pals and snail mailers.

Because let's face it, real post is much more fun!


Designed and made in Germany

  • About Studio Inktvis

    Studio Inktvis offers quirky fun designs that put a smile on your face! Whether you’re looking for postcards, vinyl stickers, enamel pins, colourful totes with quotes or masking tapes, you can find them at Studio Inktvis shop.

    Most items are produced in Europe and are all designed by Mary-Ann Crewe Jones aka Studio Inktvis

  • #christmas #starwars #babyyoda # #card #gift #fy

    #starwarsfan #christmascard #postcard #funnycard #yoda 

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