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Songbird Kay - Kay Bojesen

Songbird Kay - Kay Bojesen

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The songbird Kay represents one of the five original color combinations in Kay Bojesen's range of songbirds. Kay was designed in the 1950s and, like its five colorful siblings, has never been put into production before. A gift idea for a flying start in life for baptism or for the birthday, student, anniversary or wedding. Kay is named after Mr. Bojesen himself who was a great fan of the colour blue. He was always either dressed in an immaculate blue suit, shirt and tie or a white smock. 


Material: Painted beech


Height 15.50 cm

Width 16 cm

Depth 8 cm



If not in stock please contact us we will happily order one of those unique much loved animals for you.

Delivery time - up to 3 weeks. 


    When Kay Bojesen was founded back in 1932, it was the beginning of a story about a craftsman who was full of humor and curiosity. Kay Bojesen created his figures based on a philosophy that good design should be accessible to everyone, and over time Kay Bojesen has become synonymous with original Danish design and design.

    Kay Bojesen stands for original Danish design, which through its round, soft shapes and smiling lines creates original stories in wood. Bojesen's designs have always been based on the children's world. A world full of curiosity and imagination has been a source of inspiration for many of the iconic characters we know today.

    Danish quality design through generations

    Some of the designs Kay Bojesen is best known for are his imaginative monkeys, lifeguards and other wooden animals - a cheerful family full of love and quality created in sustainable materials. A universe that represents a tribute to the inner child - from fans to children and adults looking for beautiful design objects that can follow them through life.

    Kay Bojesen is the story of one of the strongest and most beloved brands in Danish design history with classics in a class of their own. A creative, playful universe full of love and quality created in sustainable materials. Through the smiling lines and unique shapes, Kay Bojesen creates original stories in wood across generations.

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