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'The Loved One'

'The Loved One'

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Crafted from precious jacquard fabric in Italy, and decorated with colourful flowers, this rug will bring a touch of Spring to your interior spaces.


Material: 64% Acrylic, 33% Viscose, 3% Polyester

Size: 140/140 cm

  • About Miho

    The Italian brand Miho Unexpected Things redefines home décor. Eco-friendly wall hangings, artisan-made candlesticks, exclusive woven rugs, handmade vases, stylish small storage pieces and more: an unusual accent to any living space.homeSince its birth in 2010, Miho Unexpected Things aims to create accessories with a unique and unmistakable style. The first and most iconic product, an eco-friendly trophy coming flat packed in a smart packaging, quickly became a must-have object for all décor lovers. Year after year the range has grown, hand in hand with the number of fans and followers. From eye-catching wall hangings to striking storage boxes, from exclusive rugs and vases to colorful artisan-made candlesticks, Miho Unexpected Things collection brings character to any room.

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