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Thumbs Up hook

Thumbs Up hook

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Sondra Pantani and Pietro Marsili - the couple behind MODO Archittetura, have designed three bespoke wall hooks for the POLSPOTTEN collection.

Hand gestures are an important part of what it means to be human - and what better way to express your feelings than an animated wall hook.

Use it in your bedroom, toilet, or bathroom – you can even flip them on the side and tuck your curtains away.

This hook is functional and definitley says something.


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  • Pols Potten

    POLSPOTTEN is an independent design brand dedicating themselves to the ethos of play. Their explore with enthusiasm, design with humour, and create with the curiosity of a lifelong learner, and most importantly, their respect and nurture our greatest asset - our creative instinct. 

    Their started out on the road in 1986 – ever since then the spirit of forward motion has been ingrained in what we do: worldly in expression, daring in construction, and at no time bothered by conventions.

    Their creations take interiors to unexpected places, bring them to life, and make them play.

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