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'Amonet' Limited Edition Print by Fefe Telavera

'Amonet' Limited Edition Print by Fefe Telavera

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'Amonet' by Fefe Telavera


Limited Edition Digital Print no 50/50


Signed, stamped and numbered by artist


*the price does not include the frame (extra €40)


Fefe Talavera has a degree in visual arts but found in street art the fuel she was looking for to give more strength to her ideas. Her best-known works are collages made from typographic letters cut from popular posters that are nailed to the walls of São Paulo and around the world.


Her clients include Netflix, Google, Deutsche Bank, United Nations Headquarters New York and many more.


Fefê's repertoire is vast and technical, present in paintings, drawings or carvings. And always populated by monsters inspired by Mayan and Aztec mythology, influenced by their Mexican ancestry. In São Paulo, she is part of the team of artists at the famous Choque Cultural gallery.


  • About Fefe Telavera

    Fefe Talavera, a native half Mexican, half Brazilian, went through regular artistic learning at FAAP and makes it clear that everything she actually learned and seeks to express was found on the street. It came from the tremendous shock felt at the brutal reality that the big city offers to her eyes, from the impact and social contrasts, from the disturbing perception of scenarios and themes that no academy would even be able to imagine.

    If she were not the daughter of Mexicans, dragons and winged monsters pervade the world of ideas, animals from remote mythologies out of dreams and materialised in a profusion of shapes and colours, not to mention the separate heads of bodies, perhaps from some primitive ritual: in such moments, it is as if an Aztec demon took her by the hand.

    But the artist knows how to mix this ancestral fable with elements of Brazilian urban culture, and the result is an invitation to the viewer to immerse themselves in a world governed by atavistic forces and the pulsars of the city, without at any time changing the high artistic level in that develops all its production.

    Showing at galleries and accepting certain rules, limits and intolerances of the art market system represent a contradiction for Fefe who is mainly interested in finding public ways to express herself and a common way of communication

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