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Lovebirds 2 pcs, black

Lovebirds 2 pcs, black

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The unique and timeless turtle doves in black are inspired by the black Songbird Raven from Kay Bojesen. The turtle doves are painted in black. The black color makes the turtle doves a beautiful element in the decor in the finest and very discreet way. The turtle doves are made of beech, but they are painted in a shiny and matte material. This diversity creates a special expression. In a decor, the turtle doves will signal romance, diversity and togetherness. Although the turtle doves have different looks, presence and love are evident. The cute turtle doves are perfect as a meaningful wedding gift. Or to the person who appreciates beautiful, high-quality design.


Material: Painted beech


Height 9 cm

Width 9.50 cm

Depth 5 cm


Inspired by the birds visiting his patio, Kay Bojesen designed the Lovebirds already in the 1950s. After finding pictures of the cheerful beech birds in the family's old photo album, they were later added to the collection of Bojesen's animal figurines. The birds have a clean, modern expression, stripped of superfluous details, and yet are so lifelike that it is easy to imagine them breaking out in song as the sun rises.


If not in stock please contact us we will happily order one of those unique much loved animals for you. Delivery time - up to 3 weeks.