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Urbania Lighthouse Classic

Urbania Lighthouse Classic

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The Urbania light house is inspired by the architecture of the past, the present and the future. The little tower with its numerous delicate tiny hand-cut windows of various sizes create adorable and enchanting light silhouettes, and is a smaller version of the larger Tower in the range.

Create a personal and adorable tableau with other light houses or let the little tower glow alone.


Designer: Bache & Bendix Becker

Material: Ceramics

Size: Height 9.50 cm Width 7 cm

  • Kähler


    Kähler is part of the Rosendahl Design Group – a family of design icons that withstand endless use and admiration. The Kähler story began in 1839, and the handmade design traditions that have been developed since represent a modern and sensual tale of design, where everyone is welcome. Kähler is associated with a heritage of innovative glazes, creative designs and distinctive artistic collaborations.

    Kähler builds on a long tradition of artistic collaborations and craft traditions and was founded in 1839 when Herman Kähler opened a ceramics workshop in Næstved. However, it was only when his son, Herman A. Kähler, joined the workshop that it became world famous for unique designs and artistic ceramics.

    Since its foundation more than 180 years ago, Kähler has been known for its classic handmade design traditions. To this day, we still honour this heritage and clear reproductions of the present built on the past.

    Even though Kähler has grown as a design collective with a wealth of related artists, the philosophy and approach remains the same as it has always been, namely that we continue to work with some of today’s greatest designers and craftsmen.

    Craftsmanship, creativity and artistic collaborations have been part of Kähler’s DNA since the beginning. And they still are. It's what has made Kähler an iconic ceramic brand, one which has charted the course of Danish ceramic design.

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