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Winona - Lollipop doll

Winona - Lollipop doll

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Handmade doll Winona will quickly become a friend of every little adventurer, whether it's a girl or a boy. She is smart, fast, patient, attentive, fearless, persistent and courageous. These qualities were learned by the Indians through life in the wild, and will come in handy today.

Winona is simply ready for all the adventures that her little explorers will invent.


Winona doll has screen printed Indian motifs in turquoise. Peoples living in harmony with nature believed in the miraculous power of the blue stone turquoise and its ability to bring understanding between people. That is why most gifts were given in this colour. The Indian motifs on Winona's dresses are simple geometric patterns that catch the eye at first sight.

North American Indians claimed that even the bow and arrow had a simple but ingenious shape that served its purpose perfectly and that there was good in simplicity. "Look for things that are not unnecessarily complicated."

Winona doll is packed in a gift box. On the enclosed card, she introduces herself in Sioux, the language of the Lakota and Dakota prairie tribes, collectively known as the Sioux.

Ethno Collection fabric dolls respect the diversity of ethnicities and genders, expanding knowledge and understanding of other cultures and values. They capture the diversity and difference of traditions, but at the same time promote their cohesion and do not admit any superiority.

For children from: 0 years
Height of doll: approx. 35 cm
Body circumference: approx. 15 cm
Weight: approx. 170 g
Package dimensions: 33 x 23 x 7 cm

Material used: The upper fabric is made of 100% cotton made in the Czech Republic and is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber.
Maintenance: Wash by hand at 30 ° C, let freely dry, do not iron and do not tumble dry.
All materials used are certified for children 0-3 years

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